Thursday, July 1, 2010

the girls' room

this was probably my favorite room to do.
i loved it.
and they love it.
but, man, it was a LOT of work!

the before:

the purple paint was there when we moved in.
it was VERY purple.
but rebekah's bedding had purple in it worked.

rebekah's bed and bedding were from when she turned 2 and became a big sister and moved into her "big girl" room :-)
her dresser was from my grandparents' house.
bailey's toddler bed was borrowed.
she had no bedding...just a crib sheet and blanket.
and her dresser was given to us by a very kind neighbor :-)

we started by painting.
a LOT.
i don't remember exactly.
but it was no less than 3 coats of primer/paint.
that purple was HARD to cover!
we painted it a light pink.
i never liked pink.
until i had girls :-)

the after:

the bedding i made...from target sheets...and put ikea comforters in the duvet covers.
i LOVE how they turned out!

one set of pink sheets with a ruffle and one set of pink sheets with flowers on it for each bed.
the ruffle was at the top of the it took some extra work to get it in the middle of the bed...but i love how it turned out!

the lamps were in our guest room in the basement.
i painted them.

the beds are Pottery Barn Kids - on sale.
and you can see the girls' canvases behind the nets.

the mirror was on another wall in their room.
i just set it on the dresser.
this room is going to be theirs as they enter "that stage" - where they start questioning who they are and who they want to be.
i want them to remember who they are in Christ...and that they are EXACTLY who He wants them to be...that they ARE beautiful! and they need to, in turn, ACT LIKE IT! to reflect HIM.
"You are beautiful. Act like it."

i made the frames with the fabric flowers...copied the idea from here.

i pulled in that bluish-green color...i like pink...but we needed another color :-)

they REALLY wanted those net things that hang over your bed.
but i just couldn't spend the money...

so i made them.
used embroidery hoops that i hotglued white ribbon around.

found 2 curtains at the antique shop for $10.
sewed the curtains to the hoop, and hung them up!
{i remember doing this in the the afternoon...while they played...sweet memories :-)}

their closet.
with the "junky" stuff...and bailey's globe.

there are 2 nooks in their room...where the dormer windows are.
one has a built in desk
and the other used to be where bailey's bed was.

here's the window, jenn :-)
remember when i bought it and carried it on my stroller through a fair?

it was only $5!!!
i knew it would be the perfect thing for something...and it is!
i got vinyl words that i want my girls to have etched in their hearts to put on it.

and i wrote them down with verses and tried to explain them to them...but i think it will be more of a teaching tool as they grow and live life as girls.

this room is going to watch them grow from little girls to teenagers and i want TRUTH to reign over the lies that the world will tell them.

nook #1 - i don't really know what the purpose is yet...but right now it's for bailey's castle :-)
and i'm good with that!

made these fun tissue paper flowers to hang from the ceiling!

we got both of their dressers at an antique store - remember??
see rebekah's globe up there??

nook #2.
lamp from home goods.
junk from rebekah :-)

and there you have it.
quite possibly my most favorite room in my house.
but only when it's clean.
which is never.
so...second best is MY room!
and it's always clean :-)


Ali said...

wow you have been busy. i don't know how you do it. can't wait to see it in person. everything looks wonderful.

Beckysblog said...

perfect! I wish I had had a nook when I was a kid!

Courtney said...

beautiful. you are so talented & thoughtful. i got a little teary thinking about your girls becoming teenagers in that room that you put so much love & prayer & mindfulness into. how special.
could you (or have you already in another post?) talk more about their canvases? it seems like something that would be right up my alley.
p.s. i particularly love rebekah's globe

Jenn said...

what a sweet sweet room for two sweet little girls - it's perfect!