Friday, July 22, 2016

our 18th anniversary "getaway"

pat and I had planned to go away for a night to celebrate our anniversary. but we decided to spend the day as a family (we have SO few of those this summer!) and then the 2 of us go out to eat.

we went to harper's ferry and went on  a hike. it ended up being WAY more intense than we thought...but our kids did ok with some coaching and lots of breaks and snacks!

these 3 collected flowers along the way and gave me a sweet bouquet!

 this was the reward at the top of the hike! it was STUNNING!

 they walked like this for a LONG time.
 we treated them to HUGE ice cream cones when we finished! they EARNED it!!
and then we changed and went out to dinner and a movie. dinner was amazing. movie was fine. but it was so nice to be together!
I would say it's been one of the hardest years of our marriage. but we are fighting and talking and walking together every step of the way. I love him and i'm thankful that he chooses to love me.

the farm!

 we've HARDLY been to the farm this summer. so we fit it in one afternoon! it RAINED as we got there. but we waited it out, and the sun came back out.

we picked black raspberries. it was SUPER hot and humid.

 ok. this is funny. Rebekah had my camera. and took a picture of me taking a picture...
 here's what I was taking as she took that one! ha!
 she also caught me laughing. and I love that. I hope they remember me like this...

we were a little "picture happy" - the kids loved it ;-)

 it was a GOOD day.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

longest run yet!

this was our longest run to this point. 4.5 miles! it was HOT and they did awesome!

fourth of july weekend

 pat and the Haines' family came and joined us for the 4th of july weekend.

we had our own "church" at the house.

 being on the beach on the 4th is so fun to me.
 my kids spent an HOUR every day of the week filling these balloons. and they did it all to have a big fight with their friends on the 4th!

 we watched the fireworks on the beach. it always sounds like so fun. but then it's super windy and you're covered in sand and salt when you wanted to be clean and the kids are up super late. and it IS kinda fun, but not as much as you thought it would be...

 I LOVE this picture.
 one last morning run....

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

precious days

we arrived LATE Saturday night. got unpacked. and watched father of the bride together. I wanted NOTHING more than to go to BED! but I dug deep and it is a precious memory.
we had 6 FULL days together at the beach. just me and my kids. it had it's moments. but mostly was so so precious. it's been a couple weeks now since we've been home and these pictures are already so full of sweet memories.

when we're at the beach, we are pretty much AT THE BEACH. all day long. we pack lunch and spend hours there. I LOVE it. and they love it most of the time. ;-) I read 3 whole books!
we eat all kinds of fun food and treats. smores pancakes for breakfast (there are marshmallows in between the pancakes. and chocolate syrup on top!
sawyer pretty much has a net in his hand the whole time we are there...either at the house or at the beach!

evening whiffle ball game! I was on the losing team, but felt like a winner with this crew!!
I didn't set an alarm the WHOLE time we were gone. 12 days. it was glorious! and I STILL got up and either walked or ran most mornings before the kids got up. those early mornings at the beach are so awesome!
we did go out a couple nights. just walked around different areas and shopping centers. there is SO much to do in myrtle beach.
the water is so amazing there. it's SO shallow SO far out. the kids can still stand out there! I don't worry AT ALL.
and I was often out there with them!

lots of late night movies. and I just SAT and WATCHED them with them! that is HARD for me!

in an AMAZING turn of events, my sweet friend, chari, happened to be staying 1/2 mile away!! we spent a day on the beach together. so so fun!

my kids love it when I say, "let's just walk!" ;-)
I ADORE these kids!! I had SO much fun with them this week. so many precious moments. and we had a weekend of FUN ahead of us with Pat and some friends coming to join us!