Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I've decided i'm going to use their "first and last day" of school pictures from this past year to do a little update on each of my kids...who they are, what they love, where they're headed.

no order. just going with it.

I feel capable of starting with this little guy today.

levi. he is my second baby (I have 2. we'll get to that.) he just turned 6 years old. he's been telling everyone when his birthday is for MONTHS. I think we were all kinda glad to have the day finally come!

levi is always smiling. except when he's crying. he can cry on command over pretty much anything. I guess it's a quality all "babies" of the family have.

levi LOVED school this past year.. he was the only one that wasn't so happy for summer to come.

since the day we met him, he was obsessed with water...and continues to guzzle cups of it all day long. there are definitely worse things! drink all the water you want, buddy (except a couple hours before bed...we do cut him off... ;-))

he loves attention and will do pretty much anything to get it. he even made up this whole story this past year about having to go to the principal's office and got in trouble for it...until we straightened out the story and realized it was all a lie and he hadn't been to the principal. then he got in trouble for lying! good grief!

he loves to eat, snuggle, laugh, be a "big boy", talk, bananas, do word searches, and play with his brothers!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

first and last day :: 2015/2016

first and last day of school :: 2015/2016.

most of them changed and grew a LOT!
we aren't sure what's up with Lincoln's lack of growth...but we're working on it!

what a crew....

that's a fake smile

the last day I watched corey was also the last day of school. there was a LOT going on in the week or so leading up to this day...end of year parties and ceremonies. I wasn't prepared for the emotions of this day. I was SO sad for it to end! I knew it was right, and good. I was glad to have watched her and loved her, but I knew I needed to be able to focus on my 6 for the summer.

but spending my days with this one were so sweet. hard at times. but sweet. I soaked that last day up with all I had! I kissed her cheeks and she laughed for the FIRST TIME for me!

sweet ending!

pat coached Joshua's soccer team this spring. they started out slow...but ended up winning their bracket in the end of season tournament! pat thought that deserved some frozen yogurt to finish off the day :-)

those were some HAPPY boys!

broadlands live

our neighborhood is so fun. on Friday nights in the summer, they have concerts in the park once a month. we often miss it for other commitments. but on this particular Friday, I cancelled all other plans, and we went. pat never made it cause he was working late :( ..but the rest of us had a great time!

Monday, June 20, 2016

our days with sweet Corey are over

we got to watch this sweet girl go from a teeny little baby, to a crawling eating little girl FULL of personality!

she always wanted to be RIGHT where I was. which definitely had it's frustrations...but it's also nice to be so loved, right ;-)
 my gym was AWESOME and let me bring her. they fell in love with her, too!
 I got to transition her to baby food....
 she got to come with me to pick up the kids from school every day (the whole school...ESPECIALLY the 5th grade girls loved her and always wanted to see what she was wearing!)
she even got to go to all the school events with me - graduation, science fair, awards ceremonies, parties, even disciplinary meetings with the principal - ha! she is a TROOPER!
and our days with her have ended. I committed to watching her through the end of the school year, but knew that I couldn't give my kids the attention I wanted to and still watch her fulltime. it was HARD to say goodbye. but it's the right thing for my family. they sacrificed me a LOT the past few months. and i'm excited to be fully engaged with them again.

it was SUCH an honor and privilege for me to be able to do this for my friend...to be a "mom" to her little girl when she had to be at work. i'm so thankful she allowed me to do it. and I will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart for sweet Corey!

bailey's cooking show

so bailey has started making cooking shows. they are THE most hysterical thing ever. no recipe. she just makes it up as she goes. her facial expressions are the best part.

we're working on putting them on you Tube and having a channel for her. i'll let you know when we figure it all out ;-)