Tuesday, July 22, 2014

wanna see pat in goggles?!?

sometimes i wake up and i don't feel like running. but i do anyways. because i'm thankful i can.
pat is taking joshua away this coming weekend...and he asked me to write him a letter as he's entering a new stage in his life...used my HOURS sitting at a swim meet to do it :-)
made a key lime pie. yum.
for my mom's birthday (in january!) we gave her a REAL photoshoot. we finally did it on saturday evening!
and then on sunday morning we said goodbye to rebekah for a week. she went with our church to a camp a few hours away. it is by FAR the longest she's been gone. she's our oldest. this is BIG STUFF.
we KNOW it's time for her to do this. and we trust that she will have a GREAT time! it was just hard to say, "bye!"
i don't think i'll ever forget the atmosphere in our home when we all got home from dropping her off. we were all so sad. and then realized (when we went to change from church clothes to farm clothes!) that she had left notes on each of our beds.
i bawled. for a LONG time. the ugly kind. it felt so good. and my heart hurt in a way that it hasn't before. these kids just might kill me.
i couldn't stand to be in the house without her...so we went to the farm. this is pat's attempt to make me laugh. it worked :-)
we really had a GREAT afternoon together!
i even climbed up and did that huge slide. the view from the top was incredible!

i miss her like crazy. but i was able to focus on other kids and their needs just a little more with one gone and out of the equation. it's good for all of us. but painful...there were more tears from some of us as the day ended...and she wasn't here...her relationships with her siblings are the most precious thing. she is one amazing girl!

it might look tiny

i couldn't even finish the week on the previous post because i started getting all worked up.

this little thing might look little...but it's not. it about made me have a nervous breakdown. it definitely broke a dam in me of tears that still hasn't stopped. i've cried more in the last few days that in the last few months combined! i think it needed to happen!

on thursday, at lunch, bailey took 1 bite of a sandwich and the OTHER tooth chipped (the skim board must have hit it and loosened the bond...a sandwich shouldn't do that!) i could NOT believe it. neither could she!
i tried my best to finish the week well...took the kids to a new fountain thingy friday afternoon...

this was taken at 3 pm. she had been in her suit since 7 am. door open, windows open. soaking in the beauty amidst the crazy!
and a good finish to the week :-) i busted into that stuff early on friday. i won't say HOW early.

Monday, July 21, 2014

lincoln is 7!!!

we had a birthday celebration for lincoln's birthday last week! waffles and presents. quite a way to start your day if you're a little boy, huh?? :-)
 this kid LOVES life and has added a TON of "life" to our family!!!
{lincoln and levi's birthdays are hard for me. i keep thinking they will get easier. and they don't. they are a black hole, because i don't know what those days looked like. and as their mom, that's just hard.}

last week kicked my tail

i don't even know why. i just know i was a MESS the whole week. stomach in butterflies the second i woke up. that is, if i slept. it was bad.

but some beautiful stuff DID happen! it's amazing how He does that. just creates beauty amidst the messes we create.

bailey got her teeth fixed. AGAIN. remember how the skim board in the pool when we were in myrtle beach chipped her front tooth? AGAIN?!? well, we got it fixed. 
 she's a rockstar. and the dentist that we've been going to for this is AWESOME. could NOT recommend her enough if you ever need a cosmetic dentist and live in our area!
 the temps last week were glorious. not too hot, low humidity. i even had the air conditioning off and the windows open for a couple days!

wednesday we left everything behind and headed out to the farm. we picked plums.

they were abundant!

and then realized our friends, the Clarke's, were there, too!! so we got to play and eat lunch with them. it was SUPER fun!
you just can't understand how much i adore her.

that evening was yet another swim meet!

ALL the grandparents came! EVERY time one of the kids swam, this was the progression...
BIG hug from my dad...(i'd do just about anything for THAT hug! :-))
congrats from the grandma's :-)
some encouraging words from dad...
and a hug from granddad. aren't our kids blessed?!? i know!
cheering for joshua!

ok. this was AMAZING. lincoln and sawyer swim in the SAME race since they are in the same age group. whoever wins THAT race gets a "heat winner" ribbon. well, they TIED for "heat winner" for backstroke!!!! it was incredible! so they BOTH got ribbons! i don't know how it would be gone over if one won and not the other...i would like to hope it would have been fine. but it was super fun that they TIED when they got their first ribbons!
the kids got a FUN package one day! one of my students that i taught when he was in 2nd grade just signed with the New York Yankee's!! he's in training camp and my kids sent him letters...well, he sent them back signed baseballs and an amazing letter! it made their DAY!

date night!!
went with some friends to a concert on a weeknight!
 and missed one of joshua's baseball games. this was his text (using rebekah's ipod) after his game. cutest :-)