Friday, March 27, 2015

haiti, here they come! {and, brazil, we are coming! *link to how to follow while we're gone}

i haven't touched my *real* camera in too long. these are all phone pics. but at least i have pictures! rebekah and pat left for their trip to haiti yesterday. we dropped them off at the airport early yesterday afternoon.
even though pat is with her, i am worrying about her so much (it would probably be different if she didn't have a CAST!)
they flew to miami last night. stayed overnight. and left this morning for haiti. no contact for a week...totally weird and kinda hard.

their team (a few got cut off. i wasn't the photographer ;-))

when we got back home, we were all out of sorts. none of us knew quite what to do. and we missed them already. we played a game...all together. i packed for joshua and i...and for the other 4 to head to grandma's.
leaving this one kills me. it just does. he would never act sad or be dramatic (like his sister!) but he kept asking really sweet and thoughtful questions. after bedtime...i whisked him away for a few minutes over frozen yogurt. i just needed to connect with him one on one. i'm going to be honest, it was more for me than it was for him, but i think he enjoyed it, too. :-) he said he was sad we were all leaving. and he said he would find me a pretty shell at the beach (where he is going with my parents.) his sweetness both wrecks me and fills me up. one day, he will come WITH me on one of these amazing adventures!

joshua and i head to the airport at 8 pm tonight. our plane leaves at 10 pm for brazil...a nearly 24 hour trip to get where we are going :/

i won't be posting here while we are gone. but i might be posting here or here. we aren't sure of the details until we get there. thank you for your prayers and support!!! we are excited to see how God moves and uses us as we go.

6 mouths. NO cavities!

we took over the dentist's office earlier this week. all 6 kids were seen, teeth cleaned, xrays taken...and NO cavities! i was amazed. props to pat - he's the one that brushes their teeth every night (the younger ones...)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

his choice

lincoln LOVES to read. he would read if i would let him. i have to FORCE him to play outside or do something active. my other kids are the opposite. too much of anything isn't good. but i do love that he loves to read :-)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

last snow day

this past friday we had a snow day {hopefully our LAST one for this year!!} it snowed a bit...stuck on the grass for a few hours...and the roads were wet. a little overboard to cancel school, but our county seems to love it's snow days.

this was hysterical. rebekah was taking a shower...and couldn't let her texting conversation she enlisted bailey to respond for her. ha! bailey LOVED it.
me and my crew. gosh. i love them. {headed to grocery shop. bought ZERO fish this time.}
that afternoon, my friend, stacey, stopped by. she knew the week had been hard. and she surprised me by coming by just to let me know i was loved. she also brought these. i hadn't been able to eat for a few days (stress) and these broke that cycle for me. YUM!! it sure felt good to just be KNOWN and loved and listened to.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

rebekah on crutches

on friday night, i got to go to an event with rebekah at our church. it was an evening for the middle school girls that was focused on beauty and how God wants us to treat the bodies He's given us. it included a fashion show (with the most beautiful model! :-)) i am struck by rebekah's beauty every day. and that night it was abundantly clear that, while she IS gorgeous on the outside, her inner beauty is simply incredible. i am inspired by her everyday.

late sunday afternoon, the kids were outside playing every sport under the sun. rebekah was playing basketball. she hurt her ankle. bad. we iced it and elevated it and prayed for the best. but she woke up monday morning not being able to put ANY weight on all. so i took her to the doctor. boo...
we were definitely nervous. in 3 days she is getting on a plane to go to haiti for a week. and she's going to be carrying a BIG backpack with all her stuff on the plane. there's never an ideal time to be injured...but this is for SURE not a great week.

the verdict is that it's a bad sprain. like, really bad. like, a cast and crutches and NO weight on it for 4 weeks bad. BOO.

she handled everything so beautifully. and, lincoln and levi were with us and their presence led to a conversation with the doctor about adoption...and our church...and God and rebekah's excitement and joy for THAT was ALL she could talk about on the way home. her heart is so beautiful. and my heart has had just about all it can take...
i did take her to school for the second half of the day. i wanted to just bring her home and baby her. but my gut told me she needed to have those few hours at school to figure it out and force herself to get used to the crutches. the sooner she can, the easier navigating around haiti is going to be. i came home and prayed and cried my eyes out FOR her.

Monday, March 23, 2015

my baby is going to school!!

we registered levi for kindergarten. can you even believe that?!? my BABY is going to SCHOOL!! i thought i would be sad. but i wasn't at all (now. we were just registering him. maybe it will be different when he climbs up on that bus next fall!) he was SO happy and excited!
we've seen quite the transformation in this little boy in the last couple weeks. we moved him out of the room he and lincoln have been sharing...and into the room that joshua and sawyer share. he is a different child. we thought he was happy and fine before...but he is BEAMING and his eyes are sparkling and he's acting like a 4 year old SHOULD (which also means he's being naughty and doing things he *shouldn't* except i'm glad he is!) we had NO idea. but are so happy for him!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

preparing for brazil

joshua and i have had monthly meetings for our trip to brazil for a few months (pat and rebekah have had meetings also.) it's been so fun to have that time with him. i can't believe i get to have this opportunity with this child. it's SUCH a gift and coming at a perfect time in our's going to be a much needed respite and vacation from our daily lives!
this last meeting we did some "team building" stuff. it was super fun! i get excited butterflies in my stomach when i think about how amazing this time is going to be with him. what a GIFT!