Monday, May 25, 2015

the lists

if you're like me, the lists are out of control right now. lists for parties at school, lists for sports and end of season activities and coaches gifts. lists for *fun* treats we want to do because we adore our kids. lists. lists. lists.

but HE is really the ONLY thing we need. period. HE IS ENOUGH.

to remind myself, i wrote His name across my whole planner {i will never go digital. i tried once. for 2 hours. i just can't.} it reminds me that He is all that matters. that if my eyes are on Him, everything else that needs to get done, will get done. that He is in control of ALL the many things and ways i think i'm controlling my days.

He IS my to-do list. and i've found so much freedom in that!

Friday, May 22, 2015


cutest catcher in all the land.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

taking the time

it was in the midst of the afternoon craziness...homework, chores, dinner. and a bunch of women were coming over in a few hours to pray together. i "needed" my house to be clean and all the things checked off and, at the very least, a working bathroom for them to use!

cue the toilet breaking.

i took a deep breath. called joshua up from the basement where he was playing. and decided to take the time {that i didn't think i had on paper, but trusted that He would create} to have joshua help me fix the toilet.

the piece that goes from the handle where you flush it to the chain attached to the flapper had broken. snapped in half.

off we went to home depot. found the part. figured out the tools we'd need. and fixed that sucker.

we fixed it enough for that night. and it took twice as long with joshua helping as it would have if i had just done it. but i want my kids to learn things like that. and how are they going to learn unless i teach them and let them do it themselves??

pat did have to tighten it some more the next day and adjust it a little for it to be truly fixed (i had NO idea what i was doing!) but joshua and i fixed it enough for that night when we were having company over. and we are still talking about it 2 weeks had some humorous moments ;-)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

studying each other

we've been in a small group for a few years {5 years, i think.}

we have met every other friday night and studied similar things (books of the Bible, books written by people about the Bible) for those 5 years.
but we had all, for the last year or so, been feeling like something wasn't working. we weren't excited to gather. it felt like we were going through the motions. and that doesn't work for me.
so, a new "way" was proposed and we tested it out this past friday night. don't ever be afraid to think outside of the box. you never know what you could be missing!

instead of studying the Bible in a stiff way for those 2 hours together, we are going to study each other. instead of gathering after we inhale dinner in our own homes in order to get there on time, we are going to gather around the table and eat dinner together.

our goal is to challenge each other, to press ourselves into each other's lives and be intrusive to the point of pushing each of us closer to Him and His truths. this takes time and vulnerability and a desire to sacrifice our urge to keep things on the surface. we are choosing to go deep, to share our hearts, and to love each other through it all.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

an honor

my sister and her husband allowed me the honor of taking some pictures of them this past they are so close to welcoming their baby girl to the world!
it was a BEAUTIFUL day...but then the sky turned BLACK and it rained cats and dogs right as they arrived for the photoshoot. boo! luckily we like each other and just enjoyed hanging out while the storm passed ;-)
i was very professional...had poses i wanted to make sure to do with them as screenshots on my iphone. my camera battery died halfway through (that i was able to recharge enough while they changed clothes for it to make it through the rest of the shoot...that was a DIRECT answer to prayer! how did i not check the battery?!?) but they were patient and gracious with me.
i hope their love for each other and for this baby shine through these pictures. that was my goal. i can't WAIT to take some pictures of that little girl in their arms!!! :-)
now that you know how professional i am and all, if you want me to take your pictures, i'd love to! i really would. it is a joy for me to do. let me know!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

we love baseball!

our saturdays are baseball games from 9 am -2 pm or so.
and i LOVE it.
i can't believe how much i love it.

joshua's level is just plain FUN to watch because it's REAL baseball. most of the kids can HIT the ball. and they make PLAYS. and joshua PITCHES. and it's so exciting for me to watch (i learn to love something new every year. sometimes it's brussel sprouts. sometimes it's baseball ;-))

and pat is coaching sawyer and lincoln's team. and that is fun to watch because they are so CUTE in those uniforms! and sometimes a kid runs the wrong way around the bases. and pat is the hottest coach out there.

they don't keep score. but you can BET my boys do! it's serious stuff!

after game wrap up. it takes an amazing amount of patience to coach 5-6 year olds in baseball. oh, and joshua usually gets to be 3rd base coach, which he thinks it pretty special.
so, now you know where we'll be tomorrow ;-)

it's all how you spin it

on tuesday it was 90 degrees outside. we had nothing on the agenda that afternoon. and i wanted to run. i just wanted to RUN. i tried to talk bailey into running with me for her weekly 3 mile run. but she wasn't being talked into it.

so, i spun this whole "adventure bike ride" to the kids. and i ran with them. i ran a route that had this water they had to cross and they thought it was so fun. it's all how you spin things. i have mastered the art ;-)