Thursday, February 9, 2017


we are a FORGETFUL people. in the Bible, especially in the Old Testament, God shows us times when He encourages His people to do PHYSICAL, tangible things to REMEMBER the things He's done for them (have a feast on this day every year, put stones here so that you see them, etc.)

January 23, 2017, God broke my heart and softened it in ways I've prayed for for YEARS. I was willing, but not obedient (Isaiah 1:19). I wanted to do something to remember. for those moments when I wasn't sure, or failed, or forgot.

So I re-arranged Lincoln and Levi's room. Mostly just unbunked their beds. and cleaned some stuff out. and prayed a lot while I was doing it. It was an act of love (they love stuff like this!) and it was an act of staking my claim on the promises that God makes.


Alden and Dorian said...

Okay, so this just reached the core of my heart, knowing this is a BIG thing in your heart. God is so good. I know the boys are enjoying this new look. So grown up! It also reminds of Rebekah and Joshua's room in the townhouse. Just yesterday right?

Only God can change hearts. And aren't we so thankful He does.

Love you dear Courtney.

Mandy said...

i couldn't love this more. physical reminders of what he's done and what we're counting on him to do. so fantastic.

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Rosanna said...

I miss your blog posts. This blog introduced me to international adoption, and both the joys and struggles involved. But I totally understand that life gets busy! Hope things are going well for your family.

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