Thursday, July 29, 2010

one heart at a time

i'm actually in a fight with blogger/blogs/blog books right now.
but i'm calling a truce for 5 minutes to share this with you.

it's just too precious to keep to myself.

this was the other day.
maybe monday?
i spent the WHOLE day making my blog book.
every spare minute.
i ignored my kids.
fed them gogurt and boxes of raisins.
patted them on the head when they walked by and didn't even look up.
i hated it.
but i was DETERMINED.
determined to finish that blasted thing.

(it's still up in the air if it's ever going to get published. we put it on a USB thumb drive and pat's trying his best from his computer at work...we'll see...i hate it right now. all of it...blogs. blog books. blurb. BAD words around here.)

back to monday.
rebekah spent the morning coming up with things she was going to sell.
and set herself up outside.
she wanted to raise money for the snyder's adoption (they are adopting a little boy from ethiopia).
i was too preoccupied to help/care/give advice.

it only lasted a few minutes and then we had a picnic lunch and headed in for "rest time."

once the afternoon hit, they were even MORE gung-ho about their sale.

they "dressed up fancy" and made a bigger sign and had more for sale.

and they even added water.
they definitely sold at least 2 cups of water for $1 a piece.
as i was sitting in the garage in a chair with my laptop on my lap and sweat dripping down my legs.

their clothes quickly changed from "fancy" to bathing suits :-)
it was HOT!

and one of the cars that stopped asked, "do you have lemonade?"
they turned to me and said, "do we have lemonade?"
i said, "yes!"

their sales picked up significantly after that :-)

i did NOTHING.
they took everything out there.
and took everything back in.
it was pretty impressive!

they screamed, "lemonade! 50 cents!"
over and over and over and over.
i think i heard it in my sleep that night.

rebekah's list that was made into a sign.
she was sad that none of the signs she made sold.

they were doing so well and having so much fun that i made dinner and brought it out to them.
(mac and cheese and strawberries...hey, it DID involve turning the stove on!)

and they counted their money after we were all done and cleaned up.

probably not the most successful lemonade stand ever.
and not the biggest contribution the snyder's will receive.
but they can't WAIT to give them their baggie with $10.68 in it.
and i can't WAIT to see their faces filled with joy!
{snyders - you have to act surprised, ok?? :-)}

this is how God's heart for orphans is heart at a time.
it's pretty amazing for me to watch rebekah's heart for orphans...her passion...and motivation to work hard for them...and not just the ones that are joining OUR family...but the ones that our friends are adopting.


ok. back to my corner of the fighting ring.


Hollie said...

So sweet:) Sometimes we think we have to fill their days up with so many activities and there`s proof that sometimes kids just need to be left alone to create their own fun. That is what I keep telling myself when I have one of those `preoccupied` days anyways:) Love the fundraising ideas too-you have very considerate children.

Vanderpool days said...

That is so sweet! I bet they will cherish that bag of change more than a check. The widow's mite! They are giving what they have.

Christy said...

AWESOME Courtney...those kids are SOOO precious :)

and oh MAN I'm so sorry about the book drama----I hate even bringing it up. I can't even imagine how mad I would be...

Julie said...

first, I am sorry about blurb, I would email them your struggle and ask that they honor the 20% off because of all your time trying to upload on time and it not working. I think they would honor it. It doesn't hurt to try!!! Praying it works.

And your kids are just adorable. If we adopt I want them to do a sale for us :) And I saw a silly band on the list. Could we buy it? There were some kids here this summer for our English camps and they gave the boys one and they LOVE them... so I just thought I would ask. They don't have them here. :)

Tisha said...

Those are some thoughtful kids you have :) Sorry about your blog book. Boo!!!

Beckysblog said...

That is too precious and I just love that they did it all alone. What sweet hearts.

Bad, blurb, bad!

Stacey said...

i want to say something really meaningful about how precious that $10.68 is to us... but i don't really have the words. you all are such a blessing to us!! i can't wait to love on your children!

Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest thing ever!! I love it!!

As for Blurb, I did this and it was a PAIN, did not upload as it was supposed to, and I had lots of problems. But I did get it done and it came out great:)