Thursday, July 29, 2010

true love, playing in the rain and barn reunion

pat loves me.
i mean, i always knew that.
but he has proven it in such tangible ways the last few days.
and it's forced me to look deep in my own heart.
and seen the ugliness and selfishness and made me question how well i truly know, when it's not convenient or easy or fun...hard stuff.

i definitely called him yesterday morning hysterical about the stupid blog book.
and he didn't make me feel stupid.
he calmed me down.
truly seemed to care how important it was to me.
and helped me with a "next step."
TRUE love.
sounds silly, but it was SUCH true love.
he's at work.
with a million responsibilities and emails and projects and he is able to LOVE me by focusing on me for a few minutes when i really needed him to.
{i hardly ever call him at work...he knows when i do that it's important}

and today he spent some of his day trying to do what he could on his other computer.
which i know he didn't have time for.
yet he never said so.
he is just the best and i'm a very blessed woman indeed.
very blessed.

thanks to pat calming me down and my renewed sense of perspective today we had a great day.
and ended with playing in the rain!

i've also been getting ready for a very special weekend.
the 8 girls i lived with in college are having a reunion.
it's been 17 months since our last one and we were missing mary that time.
everyone is coming this time and we are gathering at my house!
pat is taking the kids to his parent's lake house to give us more space :-)

michelle flies in in a couple hours and then there will be lots of food, talking, laughing, crying and very little sleep for the next few days.

i am beside myself with excitement to see these girls.
to hug their necks and hear their voices.

have a great weekend!!!


beckley said...


and nice job, Pat.

(p.s. you're an awesome mom.)

Christy said...

I've got tears in my eyes for two reasons...

LOVE that about Pat---so precious. So humbling how many times I've called B in those moments and he listens even though he is SO BUSY----precious to be loved. Thanks for pointing that out :)

And wow----I am so excited. SO SO excited...see you SOON---love you :)

Catherine said...

Have FUN! You Barn House girls are awesome and have such special and admirable friendships!

Kate and Geoff said...

why am I not there already?!?!?!

Jenn said...

have so much FUN!!! :)

Deb Schwabe said...

I am so SO happy to think of you 'Barn Girls' together this weekend.....such nourishment for your souls. I am still so nourished by my best college friends/roommates when we gather and it's been over 40 years....see what you have to look forward to?
Love to you all and bless you everyone!

Anonymous said...

sunday is national girlfriends day...nice timing!

Kim said...

so fun can remember when your mom and i did that in the rain. So fun
Aunt kim

Katy said...

i can't wait to see all the pictures of it - it's going to be a GREAT weekend for sure! and I am SO thankful to Pat for being such a wonderful husband to you all these 12 years! i'm pretty sure that when i walked down the aisle at your wedding i told him he'd better, but i'm glad that he is SO wonderful. I love you guys! :)

beckley said...

can't you ignore those girls and start posting?


much love-
hope you're having fun.

patient face: on.
(but i'm totally faking. so, post! hahaha)


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