Monday, August 2, 2010

the barn house reunion!!!

it was amazing.
so so amazing.
my heart is so full right now from spending this past weekend with these 7 women.
christy put it well last night after she got home when she said,
"it feels like my heart is in pieces all over the world."

yes, that's what it feels like.

michelle arrived on thursday night.
the other 6 girls arrived by car or plane throughout the day on friday.
such fun excitement when each one arrived!

lots of yummy food prepared and eaten over hours of conversation.
and i mean, HOURS!

my kids and mary's son were here during the day on friday...but then left with the dads (whew!)
baby ryan (ali's youngest) got to spend the whole weekend with us.
he is an angel.
and those of you that know me well know that i don't call infants "angels" easily.

he was fought over the whole time :-)

we all admitted to being slightly nervous as this weekend approached.
we really don't talk all that often.
we keep up on each other's blogs.
and email every now and then.
but we don't stay in close contact.
so, we all had that feeling right before it started,
"is it going to be weird and awkward?"
but then, as soon as we laid eyes on each other we were like,
"oh! it's just YOU! the one i know so well that i know if you like mustard on your sandwich or not...and that i know to leave the banana's out of the fruit salad...and that i know what that smile means..."

mostly we were all 8 TOGETHER.
but there were little conversations on the other rooms, in bathrooms, in hallways.
i LOVED my house being FILLED with these girls and their love and laughter!
i tried to step back a few times and just take it in.
brings me to tears just thinking about it.

YUMMY food!!!

oh, and lots of pictures taken :-)
{be checking their blogs...they will add their "take" on the weekend soon!}

the weather was SO kind to us.
after weeks of 100 degree weather, it was in the 80's.
we spent many hours on the porch...dinner friday night, breakfast saturday and sunday {that turned into maybe brunch??}

walk on friday night...

remember how one of my goals is to LAUGH this summer??
well, i laughed more this weekend than the whole summer combined!
these girls are SO good for me!

kathy was on day 40 of her "insanity" workout some of us did it with her.
and i'm still sore and am pretty sure i'll be sore for a few more days...

then we did yoga!

spent the afternoon in the backyard talking.
we each give an "update" - most updates take at least an hour (if not 2...)
and there are questions asked and tears shed and encouragement given.
it takes us all weekend to get through all the updates...

we walked to dinner at a restaurant in our neighborhood.
we had our own little room.
it was so nice!

and you the red barn?
it's behind the restaurant.
how PERFECT was it for the "barn house girls" to get their picture taken there??
and this random lady just "happened" to be walking back there and took our picture!!!

many hours were also spent in my family room...talking and eating MORE yummy food!
{i don't think i'll be hungry for at least 3 days! we ate SO much!!}

sunday morning {we didn't have wine with's just there...}

we did this facial thing with lemons and sugar...watching the demonstration video that christy posted about recently...

it really worked!
my face feels softer!

it was like a slice of heaven...this weekend.
we are all very different.
but the love and bonds we have are precious.
i feel SO so blessed to count each of them friends...and to have had the time and memories with them this past weekend.


Christy said...

ohhhhhh Courtney...

I have goosebumps all over and tears in my eyes.
THANK you for everything.
Your words expressed my feelings perfectly.
I love you so much.
I'm SO very thankful for our friendships----that weekend is going to last me a LONG time...does that make sense?? My heart is very full and loved...

THANK you :)

Ali said...

I don't think I even need to blog. Your post was perfection. Thank you for your amazing hospitality. Your house couldn't have been more perfect.
Thank you Lord, for bringing us together 12 years ago and ever since.
love you!

Julie said...

every year I read your post about your weekend with your roommates from college and am reminded of good friends and what a blessing it is have them.

beckley said...

love it.

and christy, i know that "i know you're taking my picture, but i'm trying to look like i don't" face.

what joy =)

Michelle said...

Love all your pictures! Loved our time together.....thank you thank you!

Jenn said...

so fun! what a special weekend...and i love that you guys took a picture in front of the barn! :)

Cassie said...

girlfriends are so important! and just fulfill a need that others cant.
love this post!

Alden and Dorian said...

Ohhhh Courtney, what fun I had reading each word...looking QUICKLY at each picture (will return to it once home so I can study each one!). Loved your time. You all are blessed. We are having the trip of a lifetime...and can relate to hours of laughter with friends!! Hugs all around your house! I love you. Can't WAIT to talk to you!

Leighann said...

This looks like such fun. What a blessing!

Bassett said...

glad you girls had a good time! your "little barnhouse sisters" are having their own reunion in Richmond later this month. :)