Monday, July 26, 2010

life is GOOD!

our first morning this summer WITHOUT swim team was great!
picnic lunch.
lower temps - ahhh! loving THAT!
found out this morning that Blurb books (my blog book...) are 20% off til July 31 so i'm MADLY trying to finish my blog book!
i was working on it little by little...looks like there will be some late nights this week.
i just can't pass that up!

lots to do...
big weekend coming up!
shop orders to fill!
sweet kids to love and engage with!
training to do!

and i have like 16 blog posts half-written (either literally or in my head..)
but i HAVE to focus on this blog book so i might be a little quieter than usual!

but, life is good.

no complaints here
{maybe a few more hours in the day would be nice though?!?}


Jenn said...

we ate lunch outside today too :)

Amy said...

20% off? That's awesome! The one time it would have paid for me to procrastinate. :) Good luck getting yours done!!

Leighann said...

hey, thanks for the heads up on the 20% off. maybe I will do my book from last year!

Laura said...

I have never done the blurb books. Can you tell me more? I would love to have my blog in book form

my email is

K said...

Courtney, how did you know they are 20% off until the 31st? I'm about done with mine (finishing the last 2 weeks)and then I'll be done and would LOVE to get 20% off if I can get it done tomorrow...but I didn't see it on the blurb main page...thanks!

Katy said...

i wondered if you ended up doing the quick & easy ones like me or gave in to get the FABULOUS ones....i thought you may want yours to match!!! hope you get them done tonight! :)