Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the rest of sawyer's birthday

he had a great day (last thursday...)
here he is listening to grandmommy on the answering machine sing "happy birthday" to him!

we had cupcakes with skittles on them that night.
he LOVES candy!
joshua helped me decorate the cupcakes.
there were 12 cupcakes.
he was very methodical and put 1, then 2, and on up to 12 skittles on each one.

it was a fun night celebrating sawyer.
he loved the attention.

he continues to be super sweet.
but i AM seeing some "2 yr old" stuff coming out.
which is fine.
just not so cute ;-)

he got 2 gifts.

these cool automoblox cars and a playskool remote car.
he's played with both gifts ever since!
they were winners!

i still need to do his canvas...


Grace said...

oh, gosh, he is too cute! i hope i have the pleasure of meeting him one day. :) love the pics of him stuffing his face with cupcake -- my kinda guy!

Katy said...

every now and then i TOTALLY see joshua looking back at me in him - the profile pictures especially! love that he loves candy! :)