Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a letter to my kids

dear rebekah, joshua, bailey and sawyer,

we went to the farm this morning. we hadn't been in about a month because we've been too busy and it's been too hot. but, we woke up to an 80 degree day and it was PERFECT for spending the day at the farm!

i am so blessed to be your mom. i LOVE being with you...each one of you...and all of you together. it makes my heart feel full and complete.

i love your voices and your laughter and your warm hands in mine. i love you questions and your stories and your smiles.

it was so nice to be together and not be in a not look at my watch...and i could sense that you could tell we weren't in a rush and you really enjoyed yourselves. i hope to make our lives more like that.

one of my favorite parts was sitting in a chair and just watching you all. sawyer stayed close by me, as always :-)

i love how you care for each other and play together so well.

your 2 brothers in Rwanda have no idea the blessing they are going to have in each of you! i can't wait for them to meet you and play with you!

you are getting older. you are all so helpful and handle responsibility well. i'm proud of each of you.

today was a gift that i'll remember for a long time.

we even stopped at the "little store" on the way out of town and got a cookie.

your appreciation was precious to me. thank you.

i love you with all my heart, your mom


Susan and Richard said...

Courtney, this was such a nice blog. I could tell you were relaxed and enjoying every minute. Love you.

Amy said...

You are such a good mom. And you look so pretty in that last picture! :)

Kim said...

so glad that you got to have one of those moments where you can just watch and take it all in!! i had those moments with the girls today too. i love summer and no committments! and you look so gorgeous and content in the pic with sawyer

beckley said...

you ready for this? this is going to be deep. yup, deep.

you look really good without make-up.
like really good.
so there ya go.

glad you had a nice day.
and, shalom-

Ali said...

can't wait to see you guys!

Katy said...

i need a day like that. bad. it was rough around here - and we all need a new day tomorrow!

i'm so behind on the blogs but i'm loving catching up on your last week. your hair looks lighter - did you highlight? love the last pic of you and sawyer :)

Leighann said...

Love this. I've always wondered if that store was worth going in. :) This post makes me miss the farm. Perhaps I will take the kids out one day soon.