Tuesday, June 29, 2010

water park

totally copied this idea from here.

yesterday we spent an HOUR in Home Depot getting our supplies (and some other things we needed for the house)

if you do this, beware that the guys that work there WILL think you are crazy and WILL try to make you do something else. STAND YOUR GROUND!

see?? i had the picture printed out for how to connect our water park to the hose :-)
and they STILL talked me into something else and it DIDN'T work and i had to go back AGAIN to get the right part!

i was in the garage at 6 am this morning cutting PVC pipe into smaller pieces.
then, after swim team and the gym this morning, we (I) drilled the holes in the pipes while they ate their snack and watched me :-)

sawyer could not WAIT to get his hands on the drill!

then i said, "OK! make a water park!"

they soon realized they would need their bathing suits on.

i'm going to be honest...it didn't turn out QUITE as spectacular as i was thinking.
but, maybe i need to make the pipes smaller?
or maybe our water pressure just isn't very good??
but there WAS laughter and fun, so i guess it was worth it!

and the idea is that they can make endless variations of it!
so, hopefully it will be fun throughout the summer...i'll let you know!


they seemed more excited about the lemonade with our picnic lunch...
oh well!

and now i'm EXHAUSTED from all that fun!!!


Jenn said...

um. just when i think you can get any more hardcore, you do! you are the most hardcore mom i know!! :)

Beckysblog said...

wow! A plus for effort mom!!!

Holly said...

hee hee...THAT looked fun!

veronica said...

I definitely applaud your effort and I did get a kick out of you this morning!

Tisha said...

My goodness, that is something else!! Great job Courtney!!

Ali said...

wow! I agree with Jenn.