Monday, April 5, 2010


i'm reading this book called the "triathlete's training bible" or something like that.
i don't get much of it.
it's pretty intimidating.

but something i read struck a chord with me.

it's necessary to recover during training.
you train hard.
but the recovery is just as important as the training.
that's when your muscles get stronger.

and then you are able to run faster/bike harder/swim longer.

i have gained a new perspective lately.
God has challenged me and met me and shown me Himself in new ways.
and i've had some time to relax...move slower..."unplug".

and that was my recovery.

but you can't just stop there.

i need to use that recovery to in turn "run faster/bike harder/swim longer."

i'm not sure exactly what that's going to look like right now.

but i'm ready with my hands open and my eyes on Him.

i'm in the middle of my crazy i don't have a ton of time for deeper thoughts.
but some practical goals i'm starting with this week are:
{recording it here so that i might actually do guys hold me to it!}

*drink more water
*drink less diet coke {i just am not a big drinker. so every bit needs to count!}
*eat NO candy

these things are partly for diet reasons...but mostly because they truly make me feel better, have more energy, and be more ready to DO what i need to DO...whatever He calls me to!

NEXT week the goal will be to cut out ice cream.
NEXT steps...

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Tammy said...

good goals...i am horrible at drinking too. i think i just get distracted and don't think about it.