Tuesday, November 29, 2016

thanksgiving weekend

it was a good, good weekend. we are ridiculously blessed.

spent thanksgiving at my brother's house. with most of my family (minus Hannah and her family :( ) and some of my sister-in-law's family. it was a wonderful day!
the day after thanksgiving, we spent at Hersheypark like we do EVERY year. it's the kick-off to our Christmas season.

we went with the Young's and had such a good day. got to catch up for REAL. the kids did great. the weather was perfect.

Saturday we decorated. and then Pat and I went out on a "Christmas shopping date" that night - another tradition that has been going on for YEARS. some of the kids were still up when we got home and I captured how Pat had to go touch their heads when we got home. he works so hard for us, and misses seeing them a lot of the time. weekends like this are SO sweet for him...to get to be WITH us.
sunday we got our tree. changed it up and went to a Christmas tree lot around the corner instead of cutting it down. decorated it that night. I didn't get a single picture. maybe because it fell twice and we were about ready to throw it on the curb :/ I think we are going to get a fake one going forward. we are all kinda done with all the stress the "real" ones bring into our home.

so, lots of traditions continued...and one that we're all fine ending. :-)

it felt like a really long weekend...in a good way.

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Barbara Cassada said...

So happy that you all had a fun Thanksgiving weekend! We love our artificial tree....but miss the fragrance of a real one!