Thursday, December 1, 2016

we wait :: 1

it's December 1.
and so begins the countdown to Christmas.

the last couple years, we've done something that has become one of my favorite traditions (I have quite a few!)

it is a visual reminder of the LIGHT that we are waiting for as we creep closer to Christmas Day. Jesus IS the Light of the World. as we anticipate being able to celebrate His birth, the light grows.

on December 1, we eat dinner by the light of ONE candle.
on December 2, we eat dinner by the light of TWO candles...
and on and on.

it's hard to see our food the first few nights! truly!

but as the days and weeks pass, the light grows. and our hearts swell with thankfulness for the LIGHT that lights our way.
I have no shortage of "advent" books/devotionals. i'm hoping to post a small thought or quote here each day. we'll see if I can actually be consistent ;-) but i'd love to be!

how we wait for Jesus is just as important as how we celebrate His coming!

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Barbara Cassada said...

I LOVE your visualization in anticipating Jesus' birth! He truly is our Light of our World!