Wednesday, November 23, 2016

pie for dinner

blogging in real time!! this never happens :-)

today was so fun. my kids were all home. pat was at work. I kept the expectations low, willing to be flexible, and my ears open and my words as few as possible. I wanted to just ENJOY them.

I had planned on PIE for dinner!! so I started the morning making 3 different pies. bailey helped me at one point, sawyer helped me at another. we made pecan (with the crust from scratch), green fluff pie, and Nutella pie.

then Rebekah met some friends for the afternoon, Joshua went off with his friends for the afternoon, and the other 4 and I went to Great Falls to be outside and go for a little hike.

once we were all back home, we went to the gym. Rebekah and I did a class together, Joshua and bailey practiced basketball, and the other 3 went in the kids club. a good way to start thanksgiving weekend ;-)

came home for showers and PIE for dinner!
we have SUCH a fun weekend ahead.

happy thanksgiving!!

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