Wednesday, November 23, 2016

first fruits 2016

our family has been participating in first fruits for a number of years. but this was the first year that we ALL participated the whole day.

there were over 800 volunteers that gathered around 8 am to kick off the day.
then we divided up into 30+ groups and did jobs all over the area. lots of raking. maybe some mulching and painting...

this was our group:
 our days are so long and busy and hard, it was nice to be together outside, away from our home and "jobs".
 our kids SO look forward to this day. they have SO much fun! and work SO hard!

 I left for a couple hours in the afternoon to go to the Memorial Service for a special lady. growing up, we lived in a neighborhood and a number of the families have stayed close over the years. Mrs. Wesolowski was one of those mom's that was a part of that group...that we grew up with on the soccer field and at swim meets...she was at our weddings and baby showers...and she lost her battle with cancer. my siblings and I (and my parents!!) all went. it was a special afternoon honoring who she was.
I changed back into my yard clothes in the car...and joined back up with the raking crew :-)

around 5 pm, we went to a grocery store and shopped for a family that we were assigned. then we got to deliver food and other gifts to that family in person. it was precious.
we ended the evening by going out to dinner as a group. it was an awesome day. and a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season!

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Barbara Cassada said...

What a wonderful, blessed day for your entire family!