Tuesday, November 22, 2016

chances are...

 ...with as many kids as I have, when one is breaking my heart, another one is mending it.

that was the case this past week. Levi has been struggling BIG-TIME with lots of deep, ugly, hard issues. it shouldn't have surprised us, but it did. and it continued to get worse and harder and uglier with each passing day.

we feel like we are past being surprised now. our hearts feel...numb...and abused...

but it was a week where a couple of my kids were SO kind and sweet and truly helped my heart survive the week.

I got to go into sawyer's class and watch his little group of friends make a roller coaster out of pool noodles cut in half. it was such simple fun. their giggles and cheers were just what I needed.

and, one morning, he set up Mancala for us to play that afternoon when he got home from school. NOTHING was going to stop me from playing that with him. he won. fair and square.
this is a hard road. but it's also a beautiful one. and it's OUR road. so I will keep walking it.

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