Thursday, November 17, 2016

being present

so much EMOTION in current events the last couple weeks. I was struck this past Friday afternoon, with a yard full of kids and music playing, that we should step back and learn from our kids. they continue to just press on. laughing and high-fiving as they go. i'm so thankful I have kids to remind me of what really matters.
sawyer is playing basketball this winter for the first time. he had his first practice on Saturday and his joy about made MY heart burst.
 pat had a work dinner Saturday night (boo!) Rebekah had to babysit but was home a little after 8 pm. the boys were watching a the girls and I escaped to target!! we didn't really have a list or agenda, and it was SO SO fun! i'm slowly embracing this stage of life that i'm in, and I kinda like it!
sunday I drove to see my friend, Leah, and her new baby girl!! it was SO good to hug Leah's neck and see her in person. and holding and kissing that sweet baby (Grayson Mabel!!) was pretty great, too.
 came home just in time to make dinner for the Snyder's to join us for dinner. they are the kind of friends we go DEEP with, fast. I love those kind of friends :-)
it was a good weekend. my heart was a bit raw from some stuff the week before, and it made being present with these people that choose to love well that much sweeter.

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