Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Joshua LOVES sports. any and all sports. playing them. watching them. talking about them. reading about them. learning about them. LOVES it.

he's played a lot of sports. and has decided (it seems) that his favorite to play is soccer. for now. :-)

most of the teams he has been on have been...not winning seasons. lots of good lessons there. but it's HARD to watch his teams lose over and over and over. he's had some GREAT coaches and good kids on his teams, and I think i'd take those over winning and compromising that, but it's hard to always lose.

so...this soccer season, they were undefeated. and it was SO fun (especially cause his dad was the coach! :-))
Joshua usually played goalie for one half, and other positions for the other half. he actually likes goalie (it's SO stressful for momma!!)
nothing like that jog back to the mid-line after scoring...

 at the end of the end-of-season tournament, they ended up WINNING!! it was SO fun!!!
we had a party at our house immediately following the championship game and it was just a sweet, sweet day. winning feels pretty good ;-)

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Barbara Cassada said...

Congratulations, Joshua! Without a doubt, your Dad is extremely proud of his players, especially our grandson!