Monday, November 14, 2016

halloween 2016

carving the pumpkin, cleaning the pumpkin seeds, roasting them and eating them are Pat's jobs. and he does them gladly. I don't know why, but I can't stand any of those things! I light the candle in the pumpkin on Halloween night ;-)
it was SO fun that we were in short sleeves the day before Halloween!!!
it was a little chillier for Halloween...which made it a perfect night to sit by the firepit while we passed out (and ate!) lots of Halloween candy. we had friends come join us and had such a fun evening!! Halloween in our neighborhood is one of the funnest nights around...EVERYONE is out and about and it's just nice to see so many neighbors.
{Lincoln is a "gangster". I have no idea. they do their own costumes.}
 this is all I got from Joshua and his friends...
 bailey went with some friends and I got NO pictures of her....

sawyer and his buddies :-)

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Barbara Cassada said...

Looks like a very fun and relaxing Halloween evening! Granddad and I have always loved Halloween!