Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Pat usually cuts all the boys' hair.
but he's been super busy. and their hair was out of control. and they had 2 days off school and we needed to get out of the house.

so...first to the black barber shop. I LOVE that place. it's so fun. there are just people there hanging out, they are all sharing their opinions on the current events, lots of laughter. and they are so kind to me. when I clearly have NO idea what i'm doing with Lincoln and levi's hair.

next up, the "white" barber shop. so much quieter. and kinda boring after the barber shop we had just come from! but they did the job and we were on our way!
I had to hop in a picture with these boys of mine. cause one day I won't be taller than all of them (any of them? we'll see about that...) my prediction is the Sawyer is going to be the tallest of the 4 of them. we'll see if i'm right! :-)

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Barbara Cassada said...

What a handsome group of grandsons!