Tuesday, September 20, 2016

those rays

ever since I was a little girl, I've LOVED when the sky does this. when you can see the rays shining through the clouds. I've always just been in awe of it.

in the last few years, I've ached for Jesus to come back nearly daily. and I often wonder WHAT it will be like. will it be during the day? or night? will it be sunny? or pitch black with only HIM as the light?! will we see Him come down, or will He just appear? I typically thought He would come down through the clouds, but then began to wonder if that was a "made up Sunday school story" that had no credibility.

when my kids and I read through Acts this summer, I realized that this is EXACTLY how the Bible states He will come back. When Jesus was taken up into the sky after His resurrection, the angels standing there with the disciples told them that Jesus would come back in the SAME WAY that He was taken up into heaven.

anyway. now when I see clouds like that, I stare at them even a minute longer....HOPING that maybe it's finally time. but, as I realize it's not, I am still reminded and filled with the hope that He WILL return one day and it will be SO glorious.

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Kimberly Mattes said...

When the sun is like that, we call it an "and God said". So beautiful!!