Tuesday, September 20, 2016


one day my kids will learn not to share any goals they might have with me ;-)

the middle school that Joshua and Bailey go to does a mile "race" in PE and they both mentioned wanting to do well when it happened. cue:: mom is going to train you so that you WILL do well! ha! (they agreed and wanted me to!)

every Friday afternoon (it's been TWICE so far...just to be clear) I take them to their middle school track and they warm up a little (jogging from the car to the track. keeping things real clear here.) and then they run a mile as fast as they can. I scream and yell and call our their times. they run. and we leave. it takes 15 minutes. total.

Joshua improved by 30 seconds from one week to the next.
Bailey improved by OVER a minute.

who knows if they'll be in the "top 12" or 10 or whatever it is.

but THEY will know that they can get faster and stronger if they train and work hard. and that will help them in the long run.

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