Wednesday, September 21, 2016

3 musketeers

oh, these 3 boys. they are seriously the cutest. their entire lives have been spent on the sidelines of their older siblings ball games. they'll get their turn...don't worry. but, for now, they have a BLAST playing and making all kinds of adventures wherever we are!

we got to bailey's soccer game on Saturday, I sat down and passed over their lunch bag. then looked back over and they had their sweet heads bowed and one of them was praying! I mean!?
a little while later, they were off playing. then ran back and said they NEEDED my phone to take a picture. I let them have it...with strict instructions to bring it back in ONE MINUTE. when I got it back (safely! yay!!) it had 100 pictures of a dead bird (every part of it's body. ugh!) ....
and this selfie WITH the dead bird. I love them.