Monday, September 19, 2016

season of adjustment

I told myself going into this new school year that I would be gentle with myself. that I wouldn't expect a lot, for at least the month of September. i'm trying...but i'm finding it hard!

I feel like I have to have something BIG to show at the end of each school day. sometimes I don't, and I force myself to be ok with that. I've read a lot. and updated this blog a lot (!! i'm almost there!!! I can't WAIT to use more words and more heart here instead of just re-telling events!) and been to the dentist a lot (1 root canal. 5 fillings. ugh.) I put that off for WAY too long.
I've done a few little projects. I've only allowed myself to do projects around the house that I can finish in about an hour.

storage room at 10 am:
storage room at 11 am: (I WAS sweating at the end because I was moving SO fast!)
cleaned out under the back porch. a teeny bit sad to see these things go. but...mostly not. ;-) they had a long, happy life...
and I have noticed that I have SO much more energy for my kids when they walk in the door! from 2:30-10 pm, it's non-stop going and asking and managing and cooking and loving. I also have more energy for Pat when he gets home (but he doesn't have any more energy than usual, so that's an adjustment...more for him than for me ;-))
3 weeks in...and I can already feel my heart adjusting. it's moving and being moved. it's listening and hearing. i'm trying my best to be wise. to foster good habits and limit others. to be gentle AND obedient.

i'm excited about this season ahead. mostly because I'm trusting that God has something beautiful in it for me - because HE is there. but i'm also fully enjoying each day as it comes. the silence of my house for 5 hours is absolutely GLORIOUS! ;-)

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