Tuesday, July 19, 2016

sweet detour

i headed out mid-june with my kids. loaded up for some FUN at the beach. we stopped overnight in Richmond to visit our friends, the fogarty's and the ayer's.

the fogarty's had an amazing sign for us! we are SO loved!!
Joshua and Owen. love it.
ali and I. she was SO kind to welcome and host us overnight even though she's had a TON going on. it was good to catch up!!
the next morning we headed to the ayer's and they let us join them for a morning at their pool.
leah and I talked and laughed our heads off (see Cary in the background?? such a jokester! the kids LOVE him!)
then we headed on our trek to the beach! passed a guy that needed some food at a gas stop and my girls were glad to give him some!
I love adventures :-)

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