Wednesday, July 20, 2016

precious days

we arrived LATE Saturday night. got unpacked. and watched father of the bride together. I wanted NOTHING more than to go to BED! but I dug deep and it is a precious memory.
we had 6 FULL days together at the beach. just me and my kids. it had it's moments. but mostly was so so precious. it's been a couple weeks now since we've been home and these pictures are already so full of sweet memories.

when we're at the beach, we are pretty much AT THE BEACH. all day long. we pack lunch and spend hours there. I LOVE it. and they love it most of the time. ;-) I read 3 whole books!
we eat all kinds of fun food and treats. smores pancakes for breakfast (there are marshmallows in between the pancakes. and chocolate syrup on top!
sawyer pretty much has a net in his hand the whole time we are there...either at the house or at the beach!

evening whiffle ball game! I was on the losing team, but felt like a winner with this crew!!
I didn't set an alarm the WHOLE time we were gone. 12 days. it was glorious! and I STILL got up and either walked or ran most mornings before the kids got up. those early mornings at the beach are so awesome!
we did go out a couple nights. just walked around different areas and shopping centers. there is SO much to do in myrtle beach.
the water is so amazing there. it's SO shallow SO far out. the kids can still stand out there! I don't worry AT ALL.
and I was often out there with them!

lots of late night movies. and I just SAT and WATCHED them with them! that is HARD for me!

in an AMAZING turn of events, my sweet friend, chari, happened to be staying 1/2 mile away!! we spent a day on the beach together. so so fun!

my kids love it when I say, "let's just walk!" ;-)
I ADORE these kids!! I had SO much fun with them this week. so many precious moments. and we had a weekend of FUN ahead of us with Pat and some friends coming to join us!

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Barbara Cassada said...

What memorable moments you are creating with your kiddos, Courtney!