Thursday, July 21, 2016

fourth of july weekend

 pat and the Haines' family came and joined us for the 4th of july weekend.

we had our own "church" at the house.

 being on the beach on the 4th is so fun to me.
 my kids spent an HOUR every day of the week filling these balloons. and they did it all to have a big fight with their friends on the 4th!

 we watched the fireworks on the beach. it always sounds like so fun. but then it's super windy and you're covered in sand and salt when you wanted to be clean and the kids are up super late. and it IS kinda fun, but not as much as you thought it would be...

 I LOVE this picture.
 one last morning run....

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Barbara Cassada said...

Love your family photo! Will you please email it to me, Courtney?