Friday, June 10, 2016

basement remodel :: part 6 :: the big reveal!

if you missed part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 (just this morning!), check them out first!!

ok. first, let's review where we came from...

and the NEW BASEMENT!!

one little note: the basement décor was ALL Pat. HE wanted it to be what HE wanted...and a place the older kids would want to be with their friends. just keep that in mind ;-) I got to decorate the bathroom and guest room. he got the rest. and it turned out GREAT!

this is heading down the stairs...he's had that print since he was a teenager. we got it re-framed (which costs WAY more than anyone would think. good grief!!)
still heading down the stairs.
this is the little area right at the bottom of the stairs. we got rid of ALL the "little kid" toys...except for these. the lockers are full of trains and dress up clothes and Lincoln Logs and light sabers :-)

this is looking towards that little area. the bathroom is the open door to the right.
it's HARD to take pictures in a bathroom! especially one this small!

 I just wanted everything neutral and minimal in here. so that it felt clean and as big as possible.

ok. now for the main part of the basement. it's a big "L". this side of the "L" has a ping pong table, an arcade table, and space for them to play basketball/soccer/hockey/whatever they make up.

pat loves these Fatheads that go on the wall...

now we're turning the corner to the other side of the "L". we have a couch, TV on the wall, and the kitchen area.

those jerseys have been hanging IN OUR BEDROOM for years. now they aren't!!! :-)
I LOVE how the "game on" sign turned out!

we now have a line item in our budget for this shelf. because if it's there, we want it to be ENJOYED. and, it is. every afternoon by lots of middle school and elementary school boys. I've had to set some limits, but it's so fun for them!

and my guest room. ahhh.....

most of the stuff in here is from either around our house, IKEA, or an antique store.

we have 2 boxsprings stacked under the mattress to make it higher. (cause we just had them). so the bedskirt wasn't long enough. so I took random white fabric/curtains that I had, ripped them into wide strips, and sewed it to the back of the bedskirt I had to make a second, longer layer. it's not perfect. but it hides all the stuff under the bed!
I LOVE these! these are pictures I took of beaches we've been to. left to right? myrtle beach, Seaside, and Nags Head.
the craft area

who wants to come stay?!?
from the doorway of the bedroom, coming back into the main area
THE door that Pat worked so hard on!!
this has been a HUGE hit! it has like 60 games on it or something.
and the stairs going back up to the rest of the house.
this took us SO many months. and we've wanted to do it for years. but waited to save the money, and did a ton of it ourselves to keep the cost down AND to learn some skills. we also wanted our kids to work on it and appreciate it more by watching and waiting for it to be done.

it has already been used SO much. we all used to dread spending time down there. but now we all love being down there!

thanks for your patience with all my posts! come hang out anytime!!


Alden and Dorian said...

It turned out so AMAZING! It is fresh, fun, useful to all! Have a ball making memories!!!!!

Andrea said...

I LOVE it! And you have inspired me. Enjoy all of your hard work!

Megan said...

Awesome job! It all looks great. So happy for you the jerseys have a perfect place to live now! :) Enjoy your new space!

Anonymous said...

Great job! We've been painting our basement...but we still have a ways to go before it is complete. :) Enjoy that beautiful living space!!

Ali said...

It's ALL amazing!! Nice job. Wow! and to think I still don't have anything on the walls in my basement 2 yrs after completion. shame!

K said...

It's amazing! Way to go!!!

Barbara Cassada said...

Love how you customized your rec room! Everyone is going reap the benefits of all your hard work! Love it, and we look forward to seeing it in person!

Julie said...

Okay, we just landed in America and I can now access blogs and I went to check yours out.... So so so so fun! We want to come stay!!!! You did a great job! Look forward to swing you friend. Will let you know when we are in VA, hugs and much love!

Kimberly Mattes said...

Beautiful!! Enjoy it!! :-)

Kimberly Mattes said...

Beautiful!! Enjoy it!! :-)

Katy said...

i LOVE it! you are amazing and i TOTALLY want to come stay!!

Karen said...

It's fantastic! I have no idea how you managed that with six children and looking after another but it's brilliant. I wish we had basements over here in the UK. Would love somewhere for my kids and their friends to hang out but our house is tiny in comparison. I love reading your blog posts.

James Jones said...

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