Friday, June 10, 2016

basement remodel :: part 5 :: putting it back together

if you missed part 1, part 2, part 3 or part 4, check them out!

a sneak little post before the reveal later today!

the guest room was all MINE. and I had so much fun with it!!

we had a bed. but just had to add a headboard. and got new bedding. it was fun putting it all back together!
I got a new desk for all our craft stuff. it came in a million pieces...
I really wanted to go with a completely neutral, calm theme. but, in the end, I couldn't do it. I just love fun pops of color TOO much! once I saw this sign, the neutral theme was over...

I got the headboard on wayfair for less than $90 (from what I was CHEAP!)

and we had to install cabinets in the new kitchen area...
pat did SUCH an awesome job on this! you have to be kind of exact. and i'm not. so i'm glad he is ;-)

next up, we decided to do shelves above, instead of cabinets.
 we used some piping from home depot to be the brackets, and 1 x 6 's for the shelves.

 then I wiped some stain on the shelves
 and they were ready to set on the pipes!
Rebekah helped me hang some things on the wall in the bathroom.
I got these lockers at an antique store! and pat was out of town the day I bought them. they are HEAVY. so I had to call a friend over to help. she brought her adult son. AND we had to call her husband, too! but we got it in...
then I painted them. this isn't the final color. this was too light.
ok. NEXT post is the finished basement!!!

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Megan said...

Can't wait! It's been so fun to read these all week!