Wednesday, June 8, 2016

basement remodel :: part 3 :: flooring

if you missed part 1 or part 2, check them out first ;-)

the next big task was to take out all the flooring. the basement was all carpet. except for the bathroom. it's a BIG basement. the kids helped with this a lot.

this was one of our big purposes in doing this remodel teach our kid some skills and just to show them how to tackle a project. neither pat nor I know how to do most of what we did...but we taught ourselves and learned it as we went!

 our trashmen were so kind to us. we fed them treats as the weeks went on (and the piles grew!)

after the carpet and pad were out, we removed ALL the baseboards. and the strips of wood and tacks that were around the edge, holding the carpet down.
after we took out the baseboards, Joshua sanded the wall...layers of paint made it an uneven mess. and we needed it flat to put in the wider baseboards that we wanted to install.
 we wrote notes on the floor :-)
there was tile in the bathroom. ARGH! I HATE tile!!
day 1 - Joshua and I went at it with a hammer. and gave up on that tactic pretty quickly.

 realized we needed the vanity out. so pat did that.
and then we borrowed this took from a friend. and I took ALL the tile out in that bathroom. it took me HOURS and hours. my arms were sore. my back was sore. I gashed my back on that pipe sticking out of the wall. the dust it creates is insane. it was blood, sweat and tears (no drama at ALL) but I did it. and we will NEVER install tile anywhere...because I don't want to EVER have to take it out.

 the tile is gone. hallelujah!
a disaster. this is where things became rough. kids couldn't go down there. it was the middle of winter. argh.
next up is painting ALL the walls and ceiling before we put the new flooring in!


Barbara Cassada said...

Quite a process, but with a lot of work, commitment, and persistence, it all paid off

Barbara Cassada said...

Quite a process, but with a lot of work, commitment, and persistence, it all paid off

Essie Reed said...

I never realized how hard it is to remove tile from the bathroom floor. I am glad you were finally able to remove it. Teaching the children the basic skills of remodeling is a great idea. They are going to take what they learn into adulthood. I hope you did not have to wait too long to tackle the walls and floors.