Friday, April 8, 2016

soul work

bailey has started a new small group at church on Wednesday nights. they are preparing them for youth group next year (!!) each week, her and I have homework to do together. it's called "soul work." it's good stuff!

we usually do it on Fridays. I take her to this little coffee shop and we get a drink and talk through her homework.

one Friday, Rebekah joined in. I can't remember why. but it made sense at the time :-)
 I DO remember being so thankful that they were getting along so well and having fun together! (a RARE occurrence...)


Katy said...

i LOVE this!!! all of it!! rebekah looks so much like hannah in that one picture with bailey!!

Barbara Cassada said...

I love this as well, Courtney!!! Bailey and Rebekah are so different in so many ways....but one characteristic that they both have is that they LOVE the LORD!!!!