Friday, April 8, 2016

inner drive

the elementary school sent home a paper about a contest. a "make your own instrument" contest. bailey asked me not to throw the paper away. I told her she better find a place to store it or it WOULD be in the trash (I can't handle all the papers that come in this house!)

she did. she kept it safe. and she worked on that instrument for days. over a period of a couple weeks. she asked me where certain supplies would be a couple times. and I told her. and she found them. and used them. she tested and tried. she taped and glued. she spray painted. and figured out how to get it to school safely.

and she WON!!! I was SO proud of her. I was glad she won, of course. but I was mostly proud that she KNEW that SHE won that award...100%, because SHE did it ALL on her own. I hope she remembers that feeling for a LONG time to come!


jenn said...

SO awesome!

and i'm with you on all those papers...they go in recycling QUICK!

Deb said...

Oh Bailey! How clever and creative of you!!! What a wonderful accomplishment! Cheers, and MORE CHEERS to YOU!!!!

Barbara Cassada said...

Bailey, you have so many wonderful traits .....and two of them is being persistent(in the right ways....determined to meet your goals) and creative!! Granddad and I are so very proud of your achievement, sweetie!!! How creative and wise you were to reuse materials that you already had in your household!!! We can't wait to see your wonderful guitar!!!!! Congratulations, sweetie!!! We love you bunches!!! Grandmommy and Granddad