Thursday, April 7, 2016


the top picture was taken a year ago...when Rebekah was in Haiti with Pat for spring break. it's my favorite picture of her from that trip.

the bottom picture was taken a week ago...when Joshua was in Haiti with Pat for spring break. same kids. same church. i'm not sure that it's my favorite picture of him yet. i'm still going through them :-) but when I saw it, I immediately thought of the one of Rebekah and I had to put them together.
last night at dinner, bailey asked us all, "if you could go ANYwhere in the world, where would you go?" (yes, she's that awesome.)

EVERY single person said, "Haiti." some of us because we've been there and we love the people and we want to see them again. some of us because we know our siblings have been and we want to go. and one of us because "it's hot there!" (and that wasn't me ;-) although it sure helps my desire to want to go!!)

it's not so much "Haiti" as it is THESE people in Haiti. we love them so much. I can hear them. I can feel them. I can smell them. one day....

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Barbara Cassada said...

I love the photos of Rebekah and Joshua sitting among their special friends in year apart!!! May I have a copy of the photos, Courtney? Despite the language barriers, you can definitely see what Rebekah, Joshua, and all the children from Haiti have in common....the LOVE OF THE LORD!!! Bailey, I have no doubt that one day, you and your younger brothers will have the same opportunity to go and sing praises to the Lord with your Haitian friends!!!!!