Thursday, March 31, 2016

it's all in His hands

i've been having computer issues. and they aren't over. and computer issues make me crazy in the head. argh!!

i have a ton of updating to do here, but can't.

so you're going to get mostly words and this amazing picture from a year ago exactly. it was taken of the countryside in Brazil as joshua and i were driving deep into an indian community. and pat and rebekah (on crutches) were in haiti. seems like a lifetime ago...

but God DOES have this whole big world in His hands. remember that song?? many days it doesn't feel like it. and many days i try to hold my OWN little world in my own hands. but that fails every time.

God is teaching me so much. mostly about obedience. and mostly about really small things. i think we're always looking for the BIG things, for the DRASTIC moves. and those might happen a few times in our lives, but we have so many opportunities to be obedient in a thousand small ways every day of our small lives. and those add up to a beautiful walk with a gracious, powerful God.

pat and joshua went to haiti for a week last week. rebekah rode her bike 200 miles across florida. the other 4 and i did all kinds of fun and crazy things. and now we're back to "real life." the weather switches from winter to spring every 12 hours. i wore long everything plus hat and gloves yesterday morning when i i was in shorts and a tank top.

it's that time of year when i start processing the summer ahead. it literally takes me 2 months to think and plan how to survive the summer months WELL. moms, start thinking. it will pay off! (or maybe it's just me that needs that long to plan it out?!)

soccer starts next week. and the stars have aligned and joshua and sawyer both have soccer practice on the SAME nights - what a gift! i prefer to have a couple crazy nights so that we can have a couple lower-key nights. pat is going to be joshua's coach, and is in a very busy season at work, we are trusting that will all work out...

our basement renovation is super close to being finished...we are ready. and we are loving it! i can't wait to show you!!

this week i adore my kids. and that is an abundant gift to my heart. i'm choosing not to analyze or over-process that, but just letting my heart be thankful.

dinner is bagel sandwiches. super gourmet. i'll even melt them in the oven to go overboard. what are YOU having for dinner??


Megan said...

So nice to read your post today! I always learn something or have something new to think about when you write - thank you for that. And no, it's not just you who has to mentally prepare for weeks for summer. :) Hugs!

Barbara Cassada said...

Computer problems get to me as well, sweetie...but in the scheme of things, those prooblems are so small. We can't wait to hear about Pat and Joshua's mission trip to Haiti, Rebekah's trip to Disney World, and what the rest of the family's fun times during spring break! We also look forward to your annual summer visit to the lake!!