Friday, November 6, 2015

wrapping up october

since the day i met him, he was obsessed with water. 4 years in and he's not stopping anytime soon :-)
school is proving to be a challenge, yet again, for lincoln. with all our struggles, i admit that sometimes it's hard to find tangible ways to show my love to him. this particular morning, a sharpie heart on his packed snack was all i could manage. but it was a BIG win in my heart. because i chose to do it.
parent teacher conferences had me up at the school and back by 7:15 am one morning. pat ended up having to leave super early, so the kids got themselves up and to the breakfast table on their own. i took this picture through my front door as i was about to walk back in the house. i expected to come home to chaos. instead they were eating and listening to each other like normal, calm human beings! it's was so wonderful!!
 we're still going strong with our puzzle obsession...
lincoln got to stay home from school on "halloween party" day. it would be too much for him (and his teacher!) to manage. thankfully the weather was nice and we had a GREAT day!

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