Friday, November 6, 2015

halloween weekend 2015

has nothing to do with halloween. but it's a huge win. bailey has had these papers lying on her dresser for WEEKS. i spent the WHOLE week cleaning the girls room with them. every paper. every drawer. i think we got rid of 8 TRASHBAGS of stuff. ridiculous!!! anyway. she wanted me to tape these together...
 and i finally DID!!
 fun friday snack.
this is the only costume i took a picture of. joshua said he wanted to be "matt foley like dad was last year." i thought he looked AWESOME! most kids had NO idea who he was...but the parents walking WITH their kids got it and got quick a laugh! :-)
 pat does the pumpkin carving. i took a nap while they did it. not my favorite activity...
and the next morning, i piled the kids in the car for a little getaway with our long weekend (2 teacher workdays!)

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Barbara Cassada said...

We love Bailey's creation!!!! We also love
that Joshua wanted to be Matt Foley like his Dad was last year!!!! He does look quite handsome! !