Wednesday, October 28, 2015


we got to go to fayetteville, north carolina this past weekend to watch my cousin get married. it was such a God-honoring ceremony and a beautiful, fun reception!

ok, ok...she made it pretty fun, too!! i mean, can you EVEN?!?
my WHOLE family was there and it was so nice to be together!

we're all a little smitten with sweet Ellie!

we got to sit outside as the sun set and just enjoy all being together. what a gift!
the least beautiful moment was 30 minutes after we all got in bed (all 8 of us in the same room at the hotel) and joshua started getting sick in the bathroom. ugh. not the funnest. but it seemed to have been something he ate, because by the next morning he was fine. but i don't think many of us got much sleep...

caught a sweet moment on the 6 hour car ride home...these sisters will be thankful for each other one day...but most days they are enemies...
and then, yesterday was hannah and john's 3 year anniversary! we watched the short video of their special kids have changed SO much!

"mom, are they going to kiss soon??" ;-)
just in case you need to see it again...i bawled my eyes out yesterday watching it. it was a beautiful, beautiful day. and the joy of that day is just a taste of what it will be when Jesus comes back for His bride (US!)

Hannah & John - Highlights from dave gorrie on Vimeo.


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