Friday, October 23, 2015


we all look forward to sundays. all our spirits need the day to just look at each other and not any not even pay attention to the time because we try not to commit to having to be somewhere.

we were watching football, and i asked, "who wants to go on a nature walk with me?" i was ok with just a couple coming. but, because i gave it a mysterious name, they were all curious so we all went! {how happy was i?!?}
only instructions were to find things that were "nature." and that we all had to WALK. no bikes, scooters, roller blades. and we had to walk S L O W. (that was hardest for me!!)
sawyer kept picking things up, "is this nature, mom??"
 rebekah brought my other camera. so i even got in a few pictures!

when we got home, we played with our nature a bit :-)
we sorted them all in different ways. i didn't say they all had to stay. but they did.

it was so nice to be together. to explore. and to walk slower.
we ended the day by grilling pizza and having friends over for dinner.
and started the week with full, rested hearts.

whether it's on sunday or not, have you ever observed a "sabbath" on a regular basis?


Barbara Cassada said...

I could feel God's presence when reading today's blog and focusing upon your photos! Nature exemplifies God's majesty!

lee woo said...

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