Monday, August 10, 2015


this summer has been amazing. one fun thing after the other. so i'm just going to knock some of them out here.

the day rebekah got home from summer camp, my parents came and took the 3 younger boys out to dinner to celebrate their pat and i took the older 3 out for chips and salsa and fun drinks and got to hear ALL about rebekah's week away! it was such a fun night! for ALL of us!
we got together with the families we go camping with. it was a ridiculously fun night. the kids have grown up together. the adults love each other. it was just fun. {except for the fact that we were late because pat and i had one of the biggest arguments of our marriage right before. that was not fun.}
i took my dad out to lunch for his birthday. we decided we're going to do that more often. WAY more often. i love him.
i love seeing how the different combos of my kids play out. these 3 had an afternoon together, and they were really fun to watch! and easy. and quiet. they spent a LONG time trying to make a ramp up those steps for their remote control car.
hannah, john and ellie came over one day!! it was so good to see them! and ellie is pretty much the cutest baby to ever exist.

we had just a little fun :-)

this was when pat's parents had the 3 younger boys for a couple i took these 3 shopping for backpacks. and then we met pat for dinner.
and the next day we took them to Hershey park!! i just really don't love amusment parks. but they do. so i was excited to be there with them. :-)

and the summer isn't over yet! we're going to go out with a BANG!

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