Thursday, August 13, 2015

an answered prayer from the sweetest heart

rebekah came up to me the other day with the biggest smile on her face.
i asked what the smile was for.

she said God had answered a prayer she prayed. and she was so thankful.

a few weeks ago, she prayed that she and sawyer would get closer. she felt like they weren't as "close" as she wanted them to be.

then the opportunity came for her to take him on a fun lunch date.
and the morning of "the smile", he asked her if they could cook something together.
they made chocolate chip scones.

she seemed in awe of how God answered her desire.

but i loved to show her how she also had to choose to be a part of those answers. they both required something from HER, and her being willing to see how He was granting her the desires of her heart, she just had to accept them.

it was a lesson for me, too. how often am i missing His answers by not accepting them?

{and just to keep it real. she IS amazing. but she's also a 13 year old. she definitely gave me attitude yesterday afternoon that she "HAD" to go watch baileys horse lesson for the first time all summer. when bailey has spent ENDLESS hours at HER sporting events! oh, there were words. and a change of attitude. ;-)}

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