Friday, August 7, 2015

weekend at the lake!!

last thursday morning, pat's parents came and picked up lincoln, sawyer and levi. when rebekah, joshua, bailey and i walked back in the house after waving goodbye to them, we couldn't believe how QUIET it was!! :-) more on our time later...

these 3 boys had the time of their lives at the grandparents lake house for 2 days. fishing. eating. watching movies.

we joined them for the weekend. and had SO much fun!

don't worry. they didn't really ride like this. for long.

 a rare picture of me with my boys.
 pat's parents got a tube this summer. and it was a BIG hit!
 hands up! :)

i think my FAVORITE part of the weekend was getting pat's mom and dad on the tube! first, his mom rode with me and levi.
and then we got both of his parents on it! it was so fun to watch them!

this girl is crazy. daredevil. always wanted it "crazier" and "faster".

bailey's face - HA!!!
sunday evening, we left...and left behind joshua and bailey (rebekah had to come home for cross country tryouts monday morning...)

they had a fun couple days there...and also were put to work :-)

they even got grandmommy back on the tube!
so many fun memories were made! we are so blessed!

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Barbara Cassada said...

We LOVED spending time as a family at the lake!!! Many treasured memories were made, especially related to the tube!