Friday, July 24, 2015

lincoln is 8!

birthdays are so fun. fun to celebrate the person that was born on that very day. and we sure do enjoy celebrating around here!

but birthdays for lincoln and levi are hard. i don't remember their birth story to talk about it with them (like i do with the other kids) because i wasn't there! and that makes me sad. birthdays are hard for them. it's hard to really put it into words that make sense, but any adoptive mom "gets" it - the kids spirits just don't handle that day (and the days leading up to it...and the days following it) well. we have to downplay their birthdays a bit, for their sakes, and it's all just kinda hard. i have to make his cake when he's sleeping because, well, FOOD. and we can't ask him what he wants for his gifts because he'll say something crazy like, "a phone. my own ipad" vs "a soccer ball" (which is what sawyer asked for.) lincoln got a ripstick (skateboard kinda thing) which he LOVES and we were so happy to give him! he has the determination to figure it out...and it's fun to watch him play with it!

the first year lincoln was home, he ruined and sabotaged everyone ELSE'S birthday...and we are past that, which we are ALL so thankful for!

this boy is SO worth celebrating. his life has been used by God in so many ways already in his 8 short year. we can't wait to see what the year ahead holds for him.

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Barbara Cassada said...

Happy Birthday, Lincoln! We look forward to celebrating your special day at the lake! We love you!