Tuesday, July 28, 2015

sawyer's 7!

july 22 was sawyer's birthday. (it's birthday after birthday around here in the summer! we have a 1 month break until the girls birthdays at the end of the summer...)

he said he wanted a "soccer cake". so i delivered :-) i really, really enjoy making cakes! who knew?!?
 it was a sweet day celebrating him. he's so easy to please and he just loves life.

this is what i wrote on instagram ON his birthday: "

He's 7!!! I was telling my sister over vacation that I feel like his life is the only one I've truly enjoyed every minute. I had no idea what I was doing when Rebekah was born...when Joshua was born, he was so easy and I appreciated that but was dealing with a strong willed 2/3 year old , Bailey then came really soon after as I had 3 kids 4 and under...it was hard to enjoy anything! By the time Sawyer was born almost 3 years later, I knew the newborn/baby/toddler phases would go by ohsoquickly. I soaked up every moment. And then Lincoln and Levi joined our family, and the beauty of the bond that is just naturally there with Sawyer became that much more precious. Each and every child is a gift. I love them so much. But God knew just what I needed with Sawyer Patrick Cassada and He lavished it on so beautifully in his life!

he got a fishing rod for one of his gifts. and joshua LOVED taking him to our neighborhood pond to try it out the next day.

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Barbara Cassada said...

Happy Birthday to our wonderful grandson! I hope that you love second grade as much as Mommy and I did when we taught it! Love you, Sawyer, and plan on doing lots of fishing at the lake!