Friday, July 24, 2015

the smith's visit!

during the adoption process, we "met" a few families that were also adopting from rwanda and we've kept in touch. many we've never met in person. we just know each other through blogs and emails (and texts and phone calls). the smith's were one of those families...until last week! now we know them for REAL! :-)

we got back from the beach saturday afternoon. and they flew in monday afternoon.

but first. monday lunch. i'm trying to detox from all the fun vacation ice cream with this lunch. we sit down to eat. and pray. and RIGHT after i finish praying, sawyer throws up all over his lap. it was like a movie. he'd only had water to drink and it ALL came up...splashing and spewing everywhere. i ran to get a bucket. rebekah, joshua and bailey ran out of the room. and lincoln and levi sat there and ate their sandwiches!! (one of those things that i will just never understand?!?) so...i had to text ashley (smith) and tell her we might have a sick kid?? {turns out he wasn't. he had some other things going on in his belly...}
but the smiths were brave and still came. and i'm sure glad they did!!! kaylee is their oldest daughter and is rebekah's age. we had a blast taking them to the farm...and going for walks...and just hanging out.
i could NOT get over all the things that are so similar between our lincoln and their grace (adopted from rwanda). it was just amazing to talk through everyday life things with ashley.
they were here for 3 days. one of the nights they went to a taylor swift concert.

and that was rebekah's night to make dinner here for us. she went all out! even had dessert...
dinner. the drink was a watermelon-strawberry slushie!
then we had a baseball game. and maybe rebekah had a basketball game? it was a crazy day.
that afternoon i had to take sawyer to the doctor. and it was a bit traumatic. we were both fragile and my mind and heart were worried about what was really going on with his body. at the game, he sat like this for a LONG time. it was just what my heart needed. {we have since gotten results and things are ok. there could have been WAY worse results. turns out we just need to clear some things out of his system. but it's going to take awhile...and the process isn't the most pleasant :/}
the smith's were so great to have around! they were so easy-going and fun to get to know! AND it was kaylee's we got to celebrate her, too!

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