Friday, June 12, 2015

sweet saturday

after a week of RAIN and COLD, waking up on saturday to sunshine and miles of pavement to run on made my heart SOOO happy! i ended up running 14 miles. which is longer than i've gone in a LOOONG time. and sub 9:00 avg!

we didn't have any sports for the first saturday in weeks. we had a list of things to get done. and worked our way through it. but kept the things that mattered above the list. for example, instead of "dividing and conquering"...we all went together to a cute little town to get bailey's boots and pants she'll need to horseback riding lessons. we wanted her to feel special and we also wanted to all be together.
later that afternoon, i laid on the front porch and took a 15 minute nap before making dinner. it felt so luxurious. and it was a good thing i did!! because i ended up staying up ALL NIGHT!

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