Friday, June 12, 2015

welcome, Ellie Grace!!!

my sister called late saturday night, june 6, to say they were in the hospital!!! her water broke earlier and they were going to have a baby!!!  i got text updates for a few hours...and then EARLY sunday morning, i drove to the hospital. she had her at 7:17 am.

Ellie (Elizabeth) Grace.

 i knew i would love her. but i had no idea it was possible to love a baby that's not your own THIS MUCH.

 pat and the kids came around 10 am. only pat and rebekah could come up.

 she is one LOVED little girl!!
 and i am SO proud of my sister...she is a rockstar and already the BEST mom!
i adore this little girl and look forward to watching her grow up.


Liza said...

Aahh! Nieces are the best :) Am I am very happy to share my birthday - June 7th - with your newest one. Congratulations, Aunt Courtney!

Katy said...

So so excited! !

Amy said...

Congrats to all of you! She looks absolutely precious!!