Friday, June 12, 2015

eyes on Him

"Sacrifice your agenda each day to 
join God wherever and however He's working." 
David Platt, Secret Church 14 podcast

{i'm going to do some "eyes on Him" posts as we transition to summer...these transition days are hard on my heart and spirit and i need all the TRUTH and encouragement i can get!}

{today is my last "normal" day before my kids get out of school. their last day is next tuesday, but monday and tuesday have school events and special surprises. i've been soaking every minute of it up. but i've also been praying my heart out to do this summer WELL. not "well" by the world's standards. but "well" in God's eyes...for MY heart, for my kids hearts, for our family. that we would honor Him every day. every moment of every day. it's going to be a transition. and i'm going to try to allow grace to myself...and them (!) as we make our way. ultimately, at the end of the summer of 2015, my prayer is that we would all know Him in a deeper way...that we would have seen Him work in little and big ways, that we would have joined Him where He is moving and loving and that parts of our hearts and lives will have been pruned away so that the things of HIM can grow and shine more brightly.}

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Barbara Cassada said...

Amen, Courtney! I am definitely trying to keep my eyes on God and listen for His voice!