Wednesday, June 24, 2015


so. last tuesday was the last day of school. and i had a big surprise up my sleeve!

when the kids got home from school, i gave them an envelope that said, "WE'RE GOING TO THE BEACH! pack your list and get in the car!" and the envelope had a list for each of them to pack. i had packed the car ALL DAY...and they just had to grab a few last minute things. we were pulling out of the driveway 15 minutes later. {pat had to stay at home to work. boo :( }

it was SO fun to surprise them!! they kept saying things like, "i'm going to remember this FOREVER!" it made it all worth it! we got to the beach around 11 pm...which was late, but everyone handled it just fine! it's so nice to be past the stage where you can't push them like that every now and then!