Wednesday, June 24, 2015

suits all day

i had hopes that they'd sleep in after such a late night...but they didn't. it was ok. we moved slow and enjoyed the morning at the house.

then packed up for the day at the beach.
there had been some shark attacks a few days before...just a few hundred miles north of where we were. i tried not to worry about it...but then we saw a shark IN THE WATER the first morning! it was SO close to the in ankle deep water. i don't even know how it was swimming. i kept the kids out of the water for a little bit...but it was 97 degrees out and i eventually decided that we had a greater chance of dying from heatstroke than a shark attack! we never saw another shark...

we've definitely entered a new stage. the kids are IN the water the whole time. no more making sand castles and all those toys. they just need boogie boards and shovels (they still like to dig!)

lunch. i love eating lunch on the beach! {let's be honest. i love doing anything on the beach ;-)}
early afternoon, we needed a break from the heat. it was super hot. so we ran through sonic (happy hour is from 2-4 pm - 1/2 price drinks!! it was our first time there!! SUPER fun!} and then went back to the house to cool off a bit. we did a little writing...
then weeded papa's beds before heading to the pool.


ate a super simple dinner (quesadillas and fruit) and headed back to the beach to go for a walk and look for shells.

i don't think i could have gone to bed happier that night. it was an amazing day in an amazing place with some pretty amazing people!!!


Courtney said...

I love everything about this! Wish we were going to see each other at the beach this summer, but so glad you're getting this sweet time with your precious family.
Also- you are CRAZY tan! How fun!!! :)

Katy said...

where did you go? papa's your parents have a house there now? looks amazing and perfect!