Tuesday, June 23, 2015

school is over!

it's pretty amazing to look at these pictures and see how much they've grown and changed this year! i love how they are all "sun-kissed" in the "first day" pictures :-)
so much beauty!
i think joshua changed the most...what do you think??
she's a close 2nd...

his changes hurt my heart the most...he's lost anything "baby" about him... :(

and now we get a whole summer together!! we can't WAIT!


Barbara Cassada said...

What beautiful grandchildren we have!!! Granddad and I are so very proud of Rebekah, Joshua, Bailey, Lincoln, Sawyer, and Levi!!! God is so good!!!

Courtney said...

Incredible! Bailey & Joshua could pass for fraternal twins now! They both changed so much & I think look more like either other now. What a beautiful family.

Andrea said...

They are all just beautiful! Have a great summer!